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Ion mobility spectrometers


We offer a range of different ion mobility spectrometers (IMS) with different sample delivery systems. Both classical drift tube ion mobility spectrometers (DTIMS), also called time-of-flight IMS, and high field IMS instruments (FAIMS) are available for different applications. Optional internal or external coupling with gas chromatographic pre-separation of the analytes provides very powerful analytical systems with broad fields of application.


Standard gas generators

Our calibration gas generators are used to generate gas calibration standards in the low pbb to % range. The permeation method according to ASTM D 3609-96 serves the basis.

Calibration Gas Generator CGG


The Mini-GC T220 is a compact, automated gas chromatography unit for coupling individual sensors and detectors. It is equipped with a directly heated metal column and a split/splitless injector. All parameters such as heating ramps, hold times and carrier gas flows can be easily programmed via an integrated Ethernet interface. The program sequences can be stored as methods The program sequences can be stored as methods so that a PC independent operation is possible.   


Oxygen Analysers

Very versatile oxygen meters with electrochemical flow cell or zirconium dioxide measuring probe. The measuring ranges extend from the ppm - range up to 100 vol.-%.


The IMS-Data Analyser is a very powerful program for visualization and automated analysis of GC-IMS data.


Customized products and additional services

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