Calibration Gas Generator CGG 800

Our calibration gas generators are used to generate calibration standards in the lower pbb to % range.  The permeation method according to ASTM D 3609-96 serves as a basis. This technology is a cost-effective alternative to the most commonly used test gases in steel cylinders. The gas generators are equipped with high-precision thermal mass flow controllers and can also generate complex gas mixtures over a long period of time due to the multi-chamber system. The permeation chambers are inert due to a special coating process, thus eliminating adsorption effects on the outer walls, ensuring high reproducibility. In addition, high-precision proportional valves ensure a precise split function. This avoids high dilution flow rates in lower concentration ranges.

Operating principle

The basis of the dynamic, continuous process is the permeation of the substance of interest through a suitable membrane into a base gas stream. The pure substance (liquid or solid) is stored in a permeation tube provided with the membrane. This tube is completely surrounded by a pure base gas with a constant volume flow, which absorbs the molecules leaving the membrane. The permeation rate depends on the substance itself, on the type of membrane as well as on the temperature and the concentration gradient on both sides of the membrane. This is determined either by weighing the permeation vessels, by comparative measurements with test gases of known concentration using analytical systems of highest accuracy, or by direct analysis. Provided that the permeation rate remains constant between weighings, it is obtained from the quotient of the change in mass and the time difference.

Technical features

  • Up to four stainless steel permeation chambers, coated with SilcoNert 2000®(Sulfinert ®)®(Sulfinert®)
  • One coated mixing chamber for direct gas sampling
  • Additional receptacle for an SPME enrichment unit
  • All parameters such as temperatures, gas flows, permeation rates and slpit ratios can be easily set via a 10.1″ touch panel. 
  • Integrated timer for calculating the permeation rates
  • High-precision thermal flow controllers with an accuracy of < 1%
  • All chambers are equipped with integrated diaphragm pumps, therefore an external gas supply is therefore not necessary but possible.
  • Individual temperature and gas flow settings from room temperature up to 150°C respectively 10 ml/min up to 500 ml/min for each chamber.