Ion mobility spectrometer DTIMS 2030

Ion mobility spectrometer DTIMS 2030


The DTIMS 2030 was specially developed for coupling external laboratory gas chromatographs or GC-MS systems. It is characterized in particular by the fact that both an APCI source (Atmospheric Pressure Chemical Ionization) and a UV lamp are used as the ionisation mode. Thus, the spectrum of detectable substances is considerably expanded.                                      

Commercially available GCs are very easily connected to the IMS via a heated interface. Thus, the advantages of existing laboratory systems such as autosamplers, special injectors or sample introduction systems can be used in conjunction with the high sensitive ion mobility spectrometry. Synchronisation with all commercially available GC and autosampler systems is possible.



Coupling with GC-MSD 6890

The coupling of a DTIMS with a GC-MSD 6890/5973 gas chromatography mass spectrometer, which are used in various laboratories, is shown as an example. The heated interface can be designed on the right or left side.

Coupling GC-MSD 6890/5973 with a DTIMS 2030

Technical Data DTIMS 2030

Drift length

59 mm

Drift gradient

72 V/mm

Drift voltage max.

4250 V


APCI und/oder UV

Grid opening time

10 – 1000 µs

Drift gas flow

50 – 700 mL/min

Drift tube temp.

RT bis 120°C

Working pressure



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